The single most important component of a camera is the 12 inches behind it. - 
Ansel Adams
Dominik Zaugg is a passionate photographer who just recently moved back to Switzerland from the USA. Dominik's wanderlust has brought him to over 50 countries, he speaks 6 languages and he is fascinated by the cultural diversity around the world. 
He used to work with photography in his youth, assisting Klaus Zaugg fashion photography and Manfred P. Kage creating Macro photography. 5 years ago he picked up his camera again taking the leap in to the new world of digital photography and rediscovered his passion. 
Since then he build a remarkable body of work, fall in love with the new digital possibilities  and specialized in travel, nature and landscape photography, but also worked with architecture and portrait photography as well as Video documentations and event photography. "
Photography invites me to see things as if I see them for the first time, it awakes the explorer, the child in me, forcing me to see the world through new perspectives, and makes me aware of the ever changing nature of our world. 
If you stop a movie you still can see the picture but you can't hear the sound. While music creates a vibration, a mood, the listener resonates and experience THAT  moment. As a photographer i am in tune with the moment and captures  THIS very moment and freeze a visual MEMORY  from the time continuum. Music resonates in the present, when you freeze it it mutes, but Photograpy starts there, the captured moment comes to life, and the story from the past captured in the picture keeps resonating in the viewer, evoking a mood. 
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